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MSR *and* Mulder/Krycek?

So, okay, in preparation for IWTB (which was amazing, holy shit), my best friend and I rewatched the entire series over the course of several weeks. This inevitably led to my delving back into my old favorites in the fandom, re-reading a lot of the classics, etc etc. Here's the thing: I'm a diehard Mulder/Krycek fan, but I also have pretty serious Mulder/Scully OTP feelings. There's plenty of Mulder/Krycek that acknowledges the Mulder/Scully dynamic, the complexities of their relationship and its romantic undertones. I find that the reverse is almost never true.

So I ask you, fellow readers: help a sister out. Rec me MSR where the reality of the M/K sexual tension (unresolved or resolved) is acknowledged. I want to read a story (or, god, please, multiple stories) where Krycek and Mulder have been involved in the past and it isn't the end of the world for the MSR. Where Krycek was Mulder's ex-lover in the same way that Diana Fowley was, only with more, you know, beatings and such. Where Scully teases Mulder about that embarrassing time he had a crush on the "naive young agent" Krycek. Where Scully demands to know why Mulder trusted Krycek with her safety in Essence/Existence, and Mulder shamefacedly admits that Krycek's been in unrequited love with him for years. Where Mulder and Scully are lying in bed post-finale, and Mulder confesses that, back in the day, he was totally doing Krycek.

Ideally, I'm not looking for epic angst - please, no "omg Krycek was the love of Mulder's life and now he's settling for Scully because his ONE TRUE LOVE is dead." I want the complexities and validity of each relationship to be present and acknowledged for what they are, and I want Mulder and Scully to be relatively happy at the end.

So. Does this story exist, or do I have to write it? :)
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