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Old Fic

Hey all!

Years ago on ff.net I came across an author who went by the penname of Sigourney. Her profile is still up today but she deleted all of her fics because of her mother worrying about copyright laws. This was like before 2005 I think, but to this day I still think about her fics and I wish I could reread them.

I remember one of them was almost like the book/movie Misery by Stephen King, but Mulder and Scully are investigating a case and they get into a car accident accident where a group of sadistic siblings living in the wilderness hold them captive. Another one of her stories was Scully getting kidnapped by as I remember a crazy janitor or something like that who was replacing an ex girlfriend. He holds her captive and drugged for a really long time in the FBI in a ceiling or old office or something, dyes her hair blonde, I think he might have taken her to his house eventually but I can't recall. Mulder with the help of someone (maybe the lone gunmen) realizes where she is because they find rather ingeniously a missing part of a surveillance feed outside their office. It culminates in an FBI bathroom I think; there's a fight but it ends well as far as I remember.

She had other fics I think, but those are the only two I recall. I'm almost positive she was in the middle of one when she decided to delete all her stories.

Anyway, if anyone else remembers this author's work and knows if it either got archived on Gossamer or something or if she has another account besides FF.net where she didn't delete her stories, please let me know!

(also, I watched the series in 2006 as a 12yr old 7th grader and this summer at 20yrs old I rewatched the entire series on Netflix, finally! Since then my tastes have considerably improved as far as fanfiction, but I've been out of the game for a while so if anyone would like to send me in the right direction as far as "classics" or any of your favorite stories/authors I'd appreciate it!! I've found Gossamer but it's super overwhelming with all the options to go through! Thanks for the help!)


M/K recs

Alex Krycek is Dead - Long Live Alex Krycek by Flutesong(gen,M/K)
Summary: Alex Krycek returns

ALL RIGHT by Flutesong(M/K)
Summary: Krycek finds home is where the heart is. Not a death fic.

And The Beat Goes On by Flutesong(M/K)
Summary: Alex Krycek - informant and lover

Anniversary by Analytical G-Woman(M/K)
Summary: A grieving and vengeful widower...a wrong, righted...an anniversary best forgotten.

Blue Skies by Flutesong(M/K)
Summary: Alex Krycek survives the silo

Far Away XX by carolelained
Summary: will Alex and Fox find each other

Goddess of Small Things, The by Deborah(M/K)
Summary: Fantasy AU which accepts canon up to Alex Krycek helping Scully escape the aliens with Reyes, after that things are quite different. It's the sequel to 'Egg', but is quite a different story in tone. It's much darker. Into the main ingredient of our star-crossed lovers I've added a large heaping of angst, sorrow, hurt, and pain, but there's also large doses of comfort, tenderness, humor and sex with a happy ending.

Let No Man Put Asunder by Analytical G-Woman(M/K)

To Catch A Rat by Lady Midath( M/K )
Summary: Mulder, Skinner and Scully go undercover in an S&M bar and bump into someone completely unexpected.

The End of the Road by Courtney Gray(M/K)
Summary: It's winter and it's cold, and Krycek gets a visit that changes his life.

more xflies slash here


Hi everyone If your interested I've got a new site up and running take a look if you want to. I've had it up and running since August. http://www.manicmea.com/

I highly recommend reading Shred of a Doubt.

Authors: Jo-Ann Lassiter and Vickie Moseley
Summary: Post all things and Brand X. Scully gets
called out to San Diego to help on a case and
Mulder, though still recovering, tags along.
Detective John Kresge wasn't expecting the extra

Category: MSR (really, we promise), UST (yeah,
that too), MT, SA and hopefully H
Rating: E for Everyone

River Of Tears

Mulder is getting a cold after spending 3 weeks on a case. He is then sent on another assignment.

Can't say any more in case you haven't read it. It's good one of my all time favourites here's the link to it.
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MSR *and* Mulder/Krycek?

So, okay, in preparation for IWTB (which was amazing, holy shit), my best friend and I rewatched the entire series over the course of several weeks. This inevitably led to my delving back into my old favorites in the fandom, re-reading a lot of the classics, etc etc. Here's the thing: I'm a diehard Mulder/Krycek fan, but I also have pretty serious Mulder/Scully OTP feelings. There's plenty of Mulder/Krycek that acknowledges the Mulder/Scully dynamic, the complexities of their relationship and its romantic undertones. I find that the reverse is almost never true.

So I ask you, fellow readers: help a sister out. Rec me MSR where the reality of the M/K sexual tension (unresolved or resolved) is acknowledged. I want to read a story (or, god, please, multiple stories) where Krycek and Mulder have been involved in the past and it isn't the end of the world for the MSR. Where Krycek was Mulder's ex-lover in the same way that Diana Fowley was, only with more, you know, beatings and such. Where Scully teases Mulder about that embarrassing time he had a crush on the "naive young agent" Krycek. Where Scully demands to know why Mulder trusted Krycek with her safety in Essence/Existence, and Mulder shamefacedly admits that Krycek's been in unrequited love with him for years. Where Mulder and Scully are lying in bed post-finale, and Mulder confesses that, back in the day, he was totally doing Krycek.

Ideally, I'm not looking for epic angst - please, no "omg Krycek was the love of Mulder's life and now he's settling for Scully because his ONE TRUE LOVE is dead." I want the complexities and validity of each relationship to be present and acknowledged for what they are, and I want Mulder and Scully to be relatively happy at the end.

So. Does this story exist, or do I have to write it? :)
(x files) M/S

the classics

Hi everyone!

I need fanfic advice! It's been a long time since i read x files fic and the computer where I had all the fics died some months ago. 

Anyway, I'd like you to rec me the x files fic classics (MSR), those fics, those authors, that i must read and that every fan of this show has surely read.



they're my favourite. just wanted to know if someone could rec baby fics......
well, now my rec: i'm reading sarah again(oh my memory, can't remember the author), anyway it's very good, mulder had a daughter and he never told anything to scully...... i think it's on gossamer...
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XF MS under umbrellas

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I highly recommend reading Buckingham's fanfics. Her fics can be found here: http://fluky.gossamer.org/author/15119-1.html

During the show, I was often confused about the going-on's during season eight and nine, especially in regards to Mulder and Scully's relationship and about William. Buckingham helps make a lot of these things much clearer. I definitely recommend her stories if you like seasons 7-9. Or even if you don't, these stories could quite possibly make you feel better about the seasons, heh. I know it helped clear up a lot for me.

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Whatever happened to...Prufrocks Love (the author)?

Whatever happened to...lisby finishing Lessons?

Who wrote Abah, anyway?

What are everyone's favorite/most hated unfinished WIP? What authors have moved on to nevvwer and greater things? What authors do we all remember? Stories that are favourites? Archives that are lost except for the Internet WayBack machine?