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Most of you probably frequent Ephemeral, but if you don't, or if you haven't read it yet, you need to go read this one NOW.

Title: Renovatio
By: Lisby and Amanda Wilde (MaybeAmanda)
Rating: PG. If that.
Category: MSR, Post-Truth, AU, a little MT, 2005 X-OK Holiday Fic

It's all told in a series of emails! I love, love, love that format. (When it's well done, which this is.) LOVE. Just witness xf_journals. Yep. Love.

Go read.
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I read the first half or so. (Something interrupted me and I had to get off.)

Really awesome fic (from what I read, anyway. >.>), and the email idea is great! Not to mention the author pulled it off believably, which most people probably wouldn't. *shakes fist at badfic authors* :P
The funny thing is, I JUST discovered MaybeAmanda yesterday and I've been gobbling up her fanfics. So thank you for the rec!!!

Deleted comment

Thanks! Mary Poppins is the definition of awesome.
really enjoyed that. Thanks for the rec :)