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the classics

Hi everyone!

I need fanfic advice! It's been a long time since i read x files fic and the computer where I had all the fics died some months ago. 

Anyway, I'd like you to rec me the x files fic classics (MSR), those fics, those authors, that i must read and that every fan of this show has surely read.

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The X-Files Lost & Found Board has a series of FAQs that might be of help.

The main page is here:

The Classics FAQ is here:

My personal recs are:
"Arizona Highways" by Fialka
"Blinded By White Light" by Dasha K
"Dance Without Sleeping" by Lydia Bower
"Desideratum" by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen
"Five Years and One Night" by Shalimar
"Goshen" by Bonetree (and all of its sequels)
"In The Ruins" by Lydia Bower
"Primal Sympathy" by Lydia Bower
"Skin" by Annie Sewell-Jennings
"Tempest" by Missy Pennington (there are 3 sequels but "Tempest" is the best of them)
"Volition Unbound" by Rachel Anton
"Worth Breaking" by Narida Law

The best places to start looking for the stories on the list are:
Gossamer (the Barnes & Noble of XF fic):
The Annex (novel-length stories which sadly hasn't been updated in forever):
Dr. Enigmatic's Site (wonderful resource):
Ephemeral (new stories):
XF Links to Authors & Archives (no longer updated but still a great resource):

There's also the Lost & Found message board, if you have trouble finding something:

Happy reading!
Thanks so much!!!
Hey, I just wanted to stop and say a quick thank you so much for your recs. They've been solid gold. I've been an XF fan for years, but I just started getting into the fic, and there's so much out there, it's near-impossible to sort through. Guidance is much, much appreciated. I've been reading through your personal recs, and they're awesome.

So many thanks for keeping me busy reading and for taking the time to guide sort-of-newbies in the XF fandom. :-D


July 9 2008, 13:50:49 UTC 9 years ago

"Playing Goddess" by Shalimar for fabulous smut (NC-17)
"Infinitesimal Illumination" by KatyBlue, best non-smut characterisation hands down. Really subtle and moving.
"Perfect" by Anjou's Speechless series is pretty fabulous, also NC-17 from memory. A new spin on the Mulder we know.

In terms of the best of all time, my vote is for the above story by KatyBlue. I remember crying when I first read it - and again, several years later. It's really a beautiful portrayal of M&S's friendship.
I was originally a no-romo, but I came to be a later-in-partnership romo. I don't know what the classic MSR's list would include, but I'll check out the recs you received. If you like a little [or a lot] of humor in your MSR - I love A Detour to Felicity by Syn in which Mulder panics when Scully says I love you post Detour. It's at A really angsty piece about Scully's "oh brother" in Triangle is The World's Only Living Hearty Donor by Red Tyger at
There are several series of XF casefiles and profiler stories in which M&S are or become a couple. The Blood Ties series by Dawn is an AU series in which Mulder learns he has a brother at his mother's death. In Blood Ties III - A Trip to the Forest, Mulder gets drugged by an XF beast and reveals his secret that he loves her to Scully. In the Life Cycles series by Proto & Moseley M&S get married and have a kid - it's at ftp gossamer. In the Virtual Seasons series at, M&S become a couple, but I don't remember at which point - I know by the end of VS9 they were. The Barbecue Series by Proto, which is MT and MSR and is at
The Generation Series [G folder]at ftp gossamer is an early in series MSR in which M&S get married. The Revelations series by Windsinger [S Esty] is also early XF. The first story of the series, Dawn, is a partnership story - Mulder is afraid for Scully to see him in profiler mode. In later stories they are heading toward MSR when Mulder gets amnesia. This series is at It's also at the ftp gossamer site, but you have to look in the folder for each story's title after the 3rd one. Some of the stories -Abductee, Mile High, Memories, Just the Two of Us and Skunked Again.
Since you lost your collection of XF fanfic, I thought you might like a little variety.
Thanks so much for making this post. It's been a fantastic source of good fic. I've been an XF fan for a long time, but I just started reading fic - what with the film and my rewatching the series - and it's so hard to sort through all that's out there. So I appreciate that you made this post, because you're not the only needing fanfic advice. Thank you!